Factory Authorized Repair Service Pricing - Pioneer DJ

  • NLA means "No Longer Available"
  • When picking up locally or shipping to anywhere in Nevada, the parts portion of the repair is subject to sales tax.
  • We stock and sell replacement parts for Pioneer DJ equipment, please Contact Us if you do not see the part you are looking for listed on our website.

    How to Search

    Windows - Hit "Control F" and type in the model you are looking for
    Mac - Hit "Command F" and type in the model you are looking for
    iOS Safari - Touch the address bar, hit "x" on the right hand side.  Type in the model you are looking for and at the bottom of the auto populated results where it says "On this Page" touch the model that was typed in.
    iOS Chrome - At the top right hand side, touch to open the option menu.  Select "Find in Page" and type the model you are looking for.

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    Pioneer DJ Repair

    Below is a partial list of what we repair on a regular basis.  Please contact us for more information.  You can also go back to the main service support page to start a repair request.

    *Please note, these prices are for normal types of repairs.  Units that have had drinks spilled in them, left outside in extreme environments, missing an excessive amount of parts or have had repairs attempted by customer may be more expensive than usual.

    Make / Model Typical Minimum Typical Max
    Pioneer CDJ1000 (Some parts NLA) $100 $250
    Pioneer CDJ2000 (Some parts NLA) $100 $375
    Pioneer CDJ2000NXS $100 $425
    Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 $125 $425
    Pioneer DDJ (SX, SZ, etc.) $150 $400
    Pioneer DJM800 (Some parts NLA) $200 $375
    Pioneer DJM900NXS $200 $450
    Pioneer DJM900NXS2 $200 $450
    Pioneer DJM2000 $200 $375
    Pioneer DJMS9 $200 $400
    Pioneer XDJ1000 $100 $375

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