Pioneer DSG1117 Switch

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Pioneer DSG1117 Tact Switch

Warranty: 90 Days

Applicable Models:

  • Pioneer CDJ2000
  • Pioneer CDJ2000-2
  • Pioneer CDJ2000NXS
  • Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2
  • Pioneer CDJ350
  • Pioneer CDJ350S
  • Pioneer CDJ350W
  • Pioneer CDJ400
  • Pioneer CDJ400K
  • Pioneer CDJ850
  • Pioneer CDJ850K
  • Pioneer CDJ850S
  • Pioneer CDJ900
  • Pioneer CDJ900NXS
  • Pioneer CDJTOUR1
  • Pioneer DDJERGOK
  • Pioneer DDJERGOV
  • Pioneer DDJRB
  • Pioneer DDJRR
  • Pioneer DDJRZ
  • Pioneer DDJRZX
  • Pioneer DDJS1
  • Pioneer DDJSB
  • Pioneer DDJSB2
  • Pioneer DDJSBL
  • Pioneer DDJSBR
  • Pioneer DDJSBS
  • Pioneer DDJSZ
  • Pioneer DDJSZ2
  • Pioneer DDJSZN
  • Pioneer DDJSZS
  • PIoneer DDJT1
  • Pioneer DJJSZ
  • Pioneer DJM900NXS2
  • Pioneer DJMS9
  • Pioneer DJMS9N
  • Pioneer XDJ1000
  • Pioneer XDJ1000MK2
  • Pioneer XDJ700
  • Pioneer XDJAERO
  • Pioneer XDJAEROW
  • Pioneer XDJRX


* This part could apply to additional models other than what is listed above.

* We are happy to help customers with parts research at their discretion. However, due to the complex nature of electronics, Neon Production Supply LLC cannot ensure total accuracy, nor be liable or responsible for suggested part numbers. The customer is responsible for ordering the correct parts. Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.

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