Rip-Tie RipWrap - Black, 2" x 30' - G-20-030-BK

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Ideal for bundling & organizing computer and network cables.

  • At least 200 re-fastenings. 
  • Rip-Tie Lite is made of one piece of double-sided hook and loop fastener. It has a die-cut slot for attachment to a single cable. 
  • 10 Colors are available. 
  • Rip-Tie Lite is perfect for use on equipment, home theatre and audio systems, tools, appliances and more.

Very inexpensive and weather resistant.

  • At least 25 re-fastenings. 
  • RipWrap can be used to bundle low voltage cables instead of nylon wire ties or tape.
  • Both continuous and perforated rolls are available.
  • Polyester construction makes this wrap ideal for marine and outdoor installations. 
Hook - 100% Polyethylene, Loop - 100% Polyester


RipWrap - Continuous

  Position wrap onto bundle.
  Cut the RipWrap with scissors.
  Wrap tightly around bundle.

Most Rip-Tie products are available in the ten EIA code colors. The hook and loop materials we use are reusable, and ideally suited for use with sensitive data cable and fiber optics.